ideyna is Arabic for ‘our hands’. 


It just seemed apt for a venture that would bring incredibly gifted local handcrafters, artists and makers together.


ideyna was started by us, Nafisa and Ekta.

Living in the UAE for many years, we found ourselves bumping into astonishingly talented and creative people constantly, and so we wanted to create a platform to help them showcase and sell their awesomely handmade products to the world.


Moreover, we want to a build a community where knowledge, resources, inspiration and imagination runs wild while being shared generously.


Here's a little about us. 


Nafisa has traded afternoon naps for entrepreneurship. It’s a sad sacrifice but someone had to make it. She thinks Her background as a television producer and director makes her organised and focused. And her previous stints as a writer make her prone to bouts of daydreams and ‘I NEED TO BE INSPIRED’ tantrums timeouts. Nafisa likes dogs, keeps 2 moderately sane guinea pigs and tends to sneak in some video game playing when really, she should be working.


In her next life, Nafisa would like to come back as a narwhal.


Ekta finds that tea and entrepreneurship go well together. You will always find her with a cuppa and her battered organizer. Her background as a photographer and writer make her coolpretentious determined. And her recent foray into filmmaking has her putting invisible frames around people and things daily. Ekta is convinced she couldn’t live without her one-eyed cat and her wall of books. If she likes you, she will most likely attempt to make you a bracelet (please accept it graciously). 


In another life, Ekta would’ve been grumpy cat.


Both love cake. Get in touch here.

 is owned and managed by IDEYNA FZE, a company registered with Creative Zone UAE