Vanilla&Lemon gentle face scrub 100g

When fine dark brown sugar becomes a luxury ingredient, you get a paradise for all the senses. Divine fragrance of caramel and cane enhanced with true vanilla oil and lemon essential oil is exactly what your skin needs. Dark brown sugar delicately exfoliates the skin while vanillin for vanilla soothes and regenerates, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Rub small amount it in your fingers tuntil it starts to melt ans apply to damp skin. Gently massage with circular moves. Damp skin will dissolve some amount of the sugar resulting in even more enhanced moisturizing effect.

Leave it on for a few minutes and you will get secondary exfoliation from glycolic acid present in dark brown sugar. Vanillin and similar compounds from vanilla will calm your skin preventing any redness and irritation. Wash away with warm water or shower.

Enjoy ..


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