Anti-ageing face and neck serum 30ml

Our Anti-ageing serum is packed full of pure antioxidant rich oils which rejuvenate, brighten and restore firmness of your skin.
Scientifically proven virgin organic Rosehip oil reduces signs of ageing and sun damage. Natural vanillin and similar molecules from our unique Vanilla macerated oil, stimulate skin regeneration and soothe your skin. Pomegranate oil and its punicic acid and other rare and exotic compounds, stimulate collagen synthesis and restore your skin’s smoothness and firmness. Wheat germ oil is nature’s record holder in vitamin E content and it will restore freshness of your tired skin, burdened with everyday concerns, makeup and hectic life. Last, but certainly not the least, on our list is Evening primrose oil - full of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids - practically irreplaceable in any product intended for dry or atopic skin.

With organic Frankincese Serrata essential oil this serum is true wonder for every normal or dry and mature skin. 


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